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Olá tudo bem!

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in Brisbane with dynamic native speaking teachers in interactive and lively classes.

The main focus is to encourage students to make progress on the spoken language needed in everyday situations, right from the start, while discovering some aspects of the colorful and vibrant Brazilian culture.

Our Brazilian Portuguese courses will give you a comprehensive mix of practical and social words for getting out and about, chat with the locals and make new friends along the way.

The structured Brazilian Portuguese lessons include shortcuts, basic language tools such as pronunciation and comprehension, key phrases and essential tips, to prepare you for your trip or to make a start for long term learning.

Brazilians speak Portuguese because the country was once a colony of Portugal. More and more people will speak Brazilian Portuguese as a result of Brazil’s economic and demographic growth. The number of Portuguese speakers is on the rise…UNESCO estimates that by 2050 Portuguese will be spoken by approximately 335 million people.

Our friendly language educators are always delighted to share their knowledge on the best places to visit; travel savvy tips…, local entertainment, cultural references and way of life.

Good to Know…. Business opportunities in Brazil are abundant right now; If you’re looking to grow your business in Brazil, we offer tailored business Brazilian-Portuguese courses, for small corporate groups or one-on-one private tuition.

Let no Language barriers or culture – get in your way…Learning this beautiful Language will enrich your travel experience!

You can join our Brazilian Portuguese classes in Brisbane all year-round, and absolute beginners are welcome!

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Brazilian Portuguese Classes in Brisbane Timetable   

Places are extremely limited. Book early to secure your place.

Small groups – Private tuition for all ages (Home or office)
Corporate Language and cross cultural training  , by prior arrangement

Brazilian Portuguese at Lapont…

Learn the Brazilian Portuguese language with LaPont


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General Brazilian Portuguese Course           Special $245  (8 Week Short Course)     

Learn with Friends Discount $235 pp families, colleagues, couples (two or more….) Save and have fun learning this beautiful language.

We offer flexibility for busy people, If you miss your regular Lesson, you can attend another class (same Level) at any of our locations. You can join more than one class per week at no extra cost (same language & Level)

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