Language Course Outline - Study Level Guidelines

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - International Language Proficiency Accreditations


Language Course Outline

10 week Course  1.5 hour duration  –  offering maximum flexibility and expert tuition.

Language skills can add an important extra dimension to your life, our Language programs prepares you for success in an increasingly multilingual global arena.

Over the years, corporate executives, government officials and individual students have gathered at LaPont Classes with a common goal of enhancing their language skills.

  Our language courses are systematically laid out, with each course building on the previous level

  Our classes are small averaging (6) students for individual attention

  Our professional teachers have extensive international expertise in all aspects of language tuition

  Certificate of Completion awarded on completing Intermediate level in your chosen language.

  The right placement is a very important part of our methodology, we do not conduct classes with mixed levels.

  Not sure about your level ? Call us:  07 38227757 …speak to one of our language expert, who will determine your level.

Basic Beginner Courses  1-2

Our popular Beginner courses provide fantastic preparation for a holiday abroad or a perfect start for long-term structured learning.

These courses are lively and entertaining. The simple introduction to the language allows students to start speaking and making sentences even from the first lesson.

The Beginner level courses are offered in two parts of ten-week courses. Students are encouraged to continue learning in one of our Beginner Level 2 classes once they have completed the Level 1 Beginner Course.

Don’t be nervous!  from day one, you’ll be engaging in meaningful conversation with your classmates and instructors. This will prepare you to feel confident and comfortable when speaking with the locals.

Beginner Level 1 

This Course is intended for complete Beginners, who have never learnt the language before but are keen to explore a new Language and Culture.

The absolute beginner course will introduce you to the language and teach you the basics you need to communicate with the locals.

it might even help you to plan your next trip, give you a better understanding of the local way of life and enrich your travel experience.

In our interactive classes, you’ll develop basic skills for everyday situations, comprehension, reading and writing, and begin to gain an insight into the cultural aspect of the Language.

Once you’ve completed the course, you can continue to learn in one of our Beginner Level 2 classes

Beginner Level 2

You may have had some previous exposure to the language i.e. a few years at school, or have completed a Beginner course. You can get by in simple everyday situations.

By the end of this level, you should be able to communicate on familiar and routine matters.

If you have completed the Beginner Level 2 Course with us, you might want to continue to learn in one of our Lower Intermediate level classes and progress to higher levels.

Beginner 1-2 Course Guidelines


   Essential  pronunciation Guide and workshop

   Everyday situations vocabulary

   User friendly text book + CD

   Cross-cultural references, local cuisine, people, places…

  Ordering food in a restaurant/shopping/making arrangements/bookings

  Describing likes and dislikes

  Survival travel vocabulary/useful phrases/common expressions

  Greetings and Introductions, etiquette

  Talking about your hobbies, family, home, profession

  Basic grammar structure/pronunciation workshop/useful tips and tools/present tense/practical verbs

Lower Intermediate Level

This course will cover more material and language than our standard Beginner course

It is ideal for people who have studied or speak another foreign language or languages of the same family and who understand basic grammatical terminology.

The Lower Intermediate Level is ideal for students who wish to consolidate their knowledge.

The program is designed to gradually develop both speaking and listening skills. The emphasis in on building sentences and practicing your language skills.

This course study level  is perfect for students wishing to refresh their language skills after a long break and who are really motivated to progress to the next level

This course is broadly equivalent to A2 Basic User of the Common European Framework.

Intermediate Level

This level assumes prior knowledge of the more complex linguistics and uses additional authentic resources.

The focus of this course is based on enhancing conversational fluency in total immersion, with no English spoken in the classroom

This course equips you with tools and common expressions to increase your ability to communicate effectively, and initiate a dialogue with confidence.

Upper Intermediate & Advanced level

You may have spent some time living in a country where the language is spoken, or you may have studied for a long time.

Classes will focus on developing oral skills, extending vocabulary and consolidating advanced grammar.

The course will cover a range of topics, from various authentic sources, such as newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet.

Students typically explore interesting topics each week with their teacher.


This level is ideal for advanced learners who want to master the technical nuances of the language.

This course is between B2 – Independent User, Vantage and C1.1 – Proficient User, Effective Operational Proficiency level of the Common European Framework for languages

Our Communicative Teaching Method

Our teaching method emphasizes the ability to communicate your message across naturally, instead of concentrating on grammatical perfection

Start communicating from your first class our native speaking teachers have years of teaching experience. You’ll learn quickly and continue to improve your language skills with confidence

At LaPont Language Centre, we share your goal to fully engage with the people and the culture of your chosen language.

Studying a  Language at LaPont in an immersive classroom environment is the next best thing to learning in the country of origin.


Our Method has various characteristics


  Teaching occurs by using authentic texts and not just published books

  Students learn strategies for listening and understanding occurs through active students interaction

  Pronunciation is considered a valuable contribution to the content of the lessons

  The LaPont experience extends beyond the classroom, our teachers plan fun cultural activities and outings

   Allows you to learn a language at your own pace, in a supportive classroom environment

   The content of the lessons also includes useful phrases and essential grammatical techniques.

   Gradually increases your ability to listen and converse with confidence in real life

   Allows you to gain a better understanding of the cultural aspects of your chosen Language

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