Corporate Language Tuition

Private tuition one-on-one and Small Groups


Corporate Language Tuition

Private tuition one-on-one and Small Groups

LaPont has extensive international expertise and specialise in Language and Cultural Training for Corporate relocation. Executives, families, workplace exchange can receive private language tuition tailored specifically for their industry.

Lapont is currently providing language programs for an array of high profile International corporations, including large Government Departments, Mining, International Banking, Travel and Aviation Industry.

LaPont is a well established open International Language School

Australian owned, since 1995 with its Head office in CBD Brisbane

We have a local presence at some of the Best Colleges in Brisbane…
We Deliver intensive tailored language programs at:

  • Brisbane CBD, Queen St
  • Brisbane CBD, Ann St
  • Manly, Bayside
  • South Brisbane

Recently LaPont has expanded internationally and host regular language and cultural Immersion Programs for Adults in France and Japan, which are attracting international participants from all over the world.

LaPont Language Centre is managed by dedicated professional linguists who offer a high standard of language tuition based on its dedication to quality and excellence in the delivery of individual Language training courses.

We practice an immersive conversational approach method to teaching foreign languages. Our method ensures that students are taught in a relaxed environment with teachers who are committed to making learning a new language an enjoyable experience.

All individual language Programs are overseen by Catherine Alapont linguist, founder and director of LaPont Language Centre.

The Lapont management team has extensive international expertise in creating individual ­Language programs for large corporations, Government organisations and the private education sector.

LaPont has developed foreign cross-cultural and language Immersion programs for clients both nationally and internationally including: France, Spain, USA, & recently Japan. Testimonials and a confidential list of our satisfied corporate clientele can be made available upon request

Reasons for selecting LaPont Corporate Language Services

LaPont Language Centre has created European Language Programs and international cross-cultural meetings for the EU Delegation for over a decade., where more than 25 languages were spoken under one roof.

LaPont is proud to have received accolades for its contribution to various UN Diplomatic Language and Cultural (European Studies) Programs in New York City.

  • ˜Established in 1995, our reputation is an excellent indicator of our unique immersive and conversational approach to teaching Languages
  • ˜ We quote a flat session rate with no travel or booking fees
  • ˜We supply all learning material
  • ˜Each client has an individually tailored program designed to complement the client’s specific business vocabulary needs.
  • ˜LaPont language trainers are native speaking teachers who hold relevant qualifications and have worked internationally
  • ˜All teachers need to pass a training process based on our rigorous criteria and methodology.
  • ˜Teachers are selected on their academic background, skill level, experience, their general fit for the assignment, motivation and reliability. They are also registered and background checked.
  • ˜You select your preferred location; either the convenience of your own office or at our Brisbane CBD training Boardroom. Sessions can also be suspended and credited; thus creating total flexibility for the busy executive. We offer online Skype lessons for the frequent business traveler conducted by the student’s personal and regular teacher for consistency
  • ˜Clients will not be charged for tuition marginally exceeding the hourly rate
  • ˜We deliver foreign business etiquette and cross-cultural language training Courses, perfect for executive corporate relocation.
  • ˜LaPont Language Centre strives to provide information and guide students through the tuition process. We believe in giving our clients transparency and a realistic forecast of what their tuition will achieve for their staff in a given time.

˜In summary LaPont Language Centre is owned and operated by a fully qualified linguist with over 25 years industry experience in the public and private education sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Language and Cultural Courses – Courses in French-Spanish-Italian-Japanese-Mandarin 

Example Mandarin Syllabus Plan:

♦ Chinese pinyin and Romanisation ♦ Pronunciation with different tones ♦  Word and word order, yes/no question ♦  Numbers and measure words ♦ Sentences with question words: shenme (what), shei (who), na (where), yige (which)

Main topics:

♦  Business greetings ♦  Introduction ♦ Company / Industry specific essential vocabulary ♦ Making appointments ♦ Requesting information ♦ business etiquette and cross-cultural references – Dining and entertaining global partners

Invitation More topics will depend on the industry sector and Languages

Some of the organisations we’ve helped

  • ˜ Accenture
  • ˜ Translink
  • ˜ BHP
  • ˜ Aerospace Australia
  • ˜ Rio Tinto
  • ˜ Minter Ellison
  • ˜ Bank of China
  • ˜ St Georges Bank
  • ˜ Allianz
  • ˜ Brisbane International Airport
  • ˜ Qantas Airways
  • High profile International corporations and large Government Organisations have been contracting LaPont Language Services over the years with some satisfied customers who have achieved outstanding results.


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LaPont is an established open International Language School

Reasons for selecting LaPont Corporate Language Services

Example Mandarin Syllabus Plan:

Some of the organisations we've helped