Ever dreamed of a French Immersion Vacation… Learning French at School was never like this n’est-ce pas ?

Preparations are on the way for our 17 Amazing Days May 21-June 6, 2016 French Immersion Tour, our tour is now full with a diversity of lovely participants…from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Sacramento…

Our guests and French Team are very excited !

… Stay tuned…follow our tour we will be sharing some of our French Immersion most precious moments with you

Our 2017 Spring Tour date has been released 20 May-5 June,2017 and will be hosted in the Burgundy region at a private Chateau ! Each day of our Language Immersion Tour is built around different cultural activities and interactions with locals: French Language, food and wine appreciation dinners, the best corner Bistros between destinations, beautiful and picturesque lavender farms and less known hidden gems…what could be better than this…


Register your interest to book your 2017 French Immersion Tour before 1st November, 2016 – https://lapont.com/french-immersion-guidelines/  – Get a complimentary extra night in Paris. Bon voyage!