Testimonials from LaPont Language Students

Our students have various reasons for wanting to study a second language.
Read the stories below from our past students, get inspired to try yourself.
A second language can open doors, simplify travel, keep your brain active,
even encourage to make new friends.

My dream was to live and work in China for one year, but first, I needed to have some knowledge of the Mandarin language. So I decided to join a small Mandarin class for beginners to improve my language skills…
Our teacher was very dynamic, friendly and well-organised. Our teacher organised nice cultural activities where we could meet wonderful people who shared the same passion for languages and travel..I now feel confident to pursue my plans to live and work in China in 2015 !

Jeff Brown, Morningside

Although at this stage of my life I am learning Italian for pleasure, I recognise that there is a need for structured classes with a balanced combination of grammar and conversation. The class sizes are such that each student has a ‘voice’ and their needs are met on an individual basis. For me this has been the best possible learning atmosphere I could have hoped for. Encouragement, a gentle push to achieve and above all a teacher who is ‘sympatico’ have made the learning process a pleasure.

Dr. Edeline Byrne, Norman Park

Enjoyable Learning is what I have encountered with Lapont Language Centre. No matter what your level or ability is you are encouraged to join into the discussions and have fun learning a new language, even if you make mistakes…

There is no need to feel intimidated as the atmosphere is supportive and gives you an opportunity to attempt different expressions and phrases to develop speaking and listening skills. Most important the emphasis is on communication rather than dogmatic terms of grammar.

Merit Morgan, Cleveland

My wife and I took some Spanish Classes at Lapont, we visited South America last year and thought it was good idea to learn this lovely language to enrich our travel experiences.
The classroom atmosphere was relaxing and the ‘students’ were encouraged to converse in Spanish. Edgar our Spanish teacher had a gift of creating the perfect environment to learn a new language and culture.

Robert and Caroline Ross, Greenslopes

From the start of 2011, I have been studying Italian and the teacher has adapted the programme to suit my needs and those of other students.
She has covered grammar and many situations [restaurant, seeking directions, social interaction with friends] and progressively longer conversations. We now speak nothing but Italian in our classes.

Dr. Chris Reynolds, Manly

I have been taking beginner level French classes with Lapont Language Centre for almost 2 months now and would highly recommend the style of teaching. It has been a delight to have lessons with Olivier our French teacher and I believe that we have learned a great deal in a short period with particular emphasis on being able to use with confidence, colloquial modern French for conversational purposes. I look forward to continuing on with the school in the future.

Cynthia Crane, Manly

I have been attending a French Language Class for two semesters and I can now hold a small conversation in French…
Our French teacher gives us opportunities to interact with others and organised dinners at a French speaking restaurant, trips to France and other get together makes it a very exciting learning experience. I love my French Lessons.

Kris, Wynnum

A French tutor provided by Lapont Private Tutors has tutored my son James and he has been very satisfied with the quality of tuition provided and I would not hesitate in recommending Lapont Private Tutors. Lesson preparation and subject knowledge have both been excellent.” An expert language coordinator came to the first lesson to determine his level and designed a special program to suit his individual needs, he is very motivated to continue learning with Olivier

Sarah Parker, Ascot