LaPont Private Tuition - Corporate Language Training

Private Language Tuition with LaPont

Session times

We offer affordable and efficient Private Tuition packages of 1.5 Hour sessions. All Ages and levels. 1 Hour for Children under 10 years old.

Corporate Language Communications

Our qualified language trainers will come to your office or work place

We can design a tailored program to suit your needs

Business etiquette, protocol and cross-cultural training is our speciality

We offer Skype lessons for the frequent travellers or long distance learners (conducted by a regular native teacher)


Lapont is currently providing in-house language training to an impressive portfolio of national and international corporations:

Mining Sector – Government organisations – Aviation – Logistics – International Law Firms – Banking Sector Technology – Bilateral Trade – Travel Industry – Oil and Gas Industry – Logistics – Hospitality and Tourism

Call us for a quote or to arrange a meeting with one of our expert Language Consultant to discuss your individual requirements.

A La Carte Private Tuition

LaPont has been conducting Private Language Tuition for many years.

Over the years, Lapont has built a great portfolio of private students and our teachers have extensive expertise with this style of language education. Our point of difference is our international expertise and our values. We do not meet in public places, we like to teach in a quiet environment with no distractions, no coffee shops or libraries, we come to your home, where you will experience privacy with professional teachers.

Learn with a friend or partner to receive a special discount. Our registered native speaking teachers hold Blue-Cards and are very reliable.

While it goes without saying that all learning takes some effort on your part, it is probably true that having a private tutor has many advantages.

Lapont Private Language Tuition – Suitable for all ages and levels

Call us on 07 38227757 to receive a quote for your private tuition. We offer reasonable rates.


Price Guidelines: Learn with Friends and Save

Competitive rates 1 Hour or 1.5 Hour sessions from $40 pp- 1-2 students

10 Weeks 1.5 Hour Packages available

Bring a friend/split the cost and save.

Request a quote for one-on-one tuition or small groups

Private small groups (4) learn a language for less than $20.- per hour pp. Request a quote today.

Small Groups and Private Tuition

Learning a language has many benefits, from keeping your mind active to needing it for a job. Whatever your reason is LaPont has a range of different options available.

While our adult small classes might be very popular, they don’t always suit everyone’s schedule. Learning at home, online or in your office has many advantages including personal attention to saving travel time. We would be happy to arrange a suitable time and a personal native teacher for your tuition.

Lapont prefers to conduct Language sessions in a comfortable safe and quiet environment without distractions. Meeting in Public places is not part of our teaching philosophy, we take our work very seriously, coming to our premises is also another option for your private tuition sessions.




  • One to 4 learners Semi private small groups/Learn with friends for less than $20/hour
  • 1 Hour or 1.5 hour at a time sold in packages of 5 or 10 Sessions
  • Kids Lessons 1 hour duration
  • We  can design an individual program to suit your specific needs
  • We come to you anytime, anywhere.. taught by registered native teachers you can trust!
  • Online Skype Lessons for long distance learners can be arranged
  • You can choose the time and day and change it easily with your personal teacher
  • Missed classes are credited and courses can be suspended
  • Convenient for busy people, avoid travel time
  • We provide you with all learning material and your first book to get you started