Course Outline

Our levels are based on the Common European Reference Framework for languages; following International Language Proficiency Accreditations and guidelines

Lapont Language Courses

10 week course            1.5 hour/session   

You can fast-track your language learning at Lapont by attending * more than one class per week at any locations (same language and level at no extra cost)  we are are always welcome…..**

Not sure about your level ? call 07 38227757 to speak to one of our language expert, who will determine your level. The right placement is a very important part of our methodology, we do not conduct classes with mixed levels.

 Our language courses are systematically laid out, with each course building on the previous level (10 Week duration for each level)

 Our classes are small averaging (6) students to allow fo individual attention A MUST AT LAPONT

 Our professional teachers have appropriate qualifications and extensive international expertise in all aspects of language tuition

 Our teachers and management attend courses overseas regularly for professional development and use the latest teaching resources and technology

Our Teaching Method

We practice the communicative method approach to teaching a second language… So we will have you speaking – fast !

At LaPont Language Centre our courses give special attention to conversation and pronunciation so that you can quickly be confident in your language skills. We share your goals to fully engage with the people and the culture of your chosen language.

Our method of teaching:

 Allows you to learn a language at your own pace

 Teaches you to converse in everyday situations, with some useful travel vocabulary and cultural references, as well as essential basic grammar

 Gradually increases your ability to listen and understand with confidence

Elementary Beginner Level 1 and 2

These popular courses are lively and entertaining; designed for Beginners, who enjoy the challenge of learning a new language. The simple introduction of the language allows students to gain confidence, featuring:

   Essential  pronunciation Guide and workshop

 Everyday situations vocabulary

 User friendly text book + CD for easy learning and quick conversation.

 Cross-cultural references, local cuisine, people, places…

 Ordering food in a restaurant/shopping/making arrangements/

 Survival basic travel vocabulary/chat with the locals

 Greetings and Introductions

 Talking about your hobbies, family, home, profession

 Basic grammar structure/pronunciation workshop/useful tips and tools to help you build sentences

Lower Intermediate level 1 and 2

This level is ideal for students who wish to make genuine progress in learning to speak a new language. The program is designed to gradually develop both speaking and listening skills, featuring a wealth of enjoyable cross-cultural activities. The emphasis in on building sentences and practicing your language skills. This course is perfect for students wishing to refresh their language skills after a long break and who are really interested in progressing to the next levels and becoming fluent.

Intermediate Level

This Level is designed for students with a general command of the more complex linguistic structures of the language and a good vocabulary base. This level assumes some prior knowledge of the language and encourages you to engage in conversation. The focus is on confidence-building and communication. There are no assessments and certainly no deadlines. It is all about getting your message across in another language and enjoying your friendly classroom environment. Some essential grammar is also part of this course outline.

Upper Intermediate/ Conversational Level

This level focuses on the individual needs of the students in attendance, this is a semi-private small class size with only 4-6 students.

It is ideal for advanced learners who want to consolidate and progress to fluency and master the technical nuances of the language. It is a mostly conversational and entertaining language immersion program, at this level students can choose various topics each week with the teacher.

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