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Best French Immersion Course in France

There is surely no better way to experience a culture and learn a language than by living and breathing the very essence of a country. From its food, culture and history to the quirky nuances of the language that you can’t learn from books and the colorful banter of the locals. And nowhere is this truer than in France, with its diverse countryside, rich heritage, fabulous cuisine and elegant language.

A language is as much about its people, its past and its present as it is about its food and its landscape. Being able to speak and understand French opens up an array of new opportunities and insights and that’s what you can expect from a LaPont French Immersion Tour: a unique opportunity to experience France and its culture at its very best and most personal.

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Among the very best French immersion courses in France, the tours are hosted by Catherine Alapont who’s an acclaimed multi linguist with her own French heritage whose passions are language and culture.

She’s worked for the Diplomatic Corp advising on language and culture and she’s an intuitive organiser and consummate hostess, who’s ability for ensuring her guests get a personal and stellar experience makes them feel like they’re there at the personal invitation of Catherine and her many friends and connections. She’s got years of experience of creating International language programmes and a gift for bringing both the language and the culture to life.

Luxury cultural and French language immersion

Imagine staying for 9 days at the foot of the alpine Jura-Mountains in the heart of the Burgundy region of France, right on the cusp of where the Rhônes-Alpes meets the Franche-Comté. And imagine staying in a luxury 17th century château with private park-lands, tall, elegant rooms and your own in-house chef. With the choice of onsite French lessons in the mornings if you want help with the more technical side of the French language and the chance to explore medieval villages perched high up in the hills and the delights of local cafés, restaurants and artisans boutiques.

The 9 day Program involves complete immersion in French at the château, with gourmet cooking lessons in French, evening diners with local French speakers and escorted trips to off the beaten track delights such as wine and cheese pairing in an old tunnel used for maturing cheese and trips to the local markets and artisans. Enjoy Michelin star meals, breathe in the scent of the lavender fields and discover the wineries and cheese farms of this rich region as the French language reveals itself to you.

Stay a while longer for an experience of a lifetime

As French starts to come to life for you, why not stay a while longer and take part in one of 17 day tours. After you’ve completed your 9 day immersion you’ll go on to explore some of France’s most magnificent cities and regions, cosseted by private transfers, with no harried schedules and ample free time to chat with the locals. Different tours offer different itineraries. Discover the enchantment of Monet’s gardens, the opulence of the Palace at Versailles and the ancient history of the chateaux of the Loire Valley. Weave your way around the silk passages and famous traboules of Vieux Lyon, enjoy the breath-taking gorges and caves of the Dordogne or gaze out over the Mediterranean Sea from the cosmopolitan cities of the Côte d’Azur.

You finish your Immersion Vacation with a magical 7 Nights stay at a quaint Boutique hotel in Le Marais, Paris. Spend an evening at the Paris Opéra Garnier with a VIP Ticket, climb the streets of Montmartre, soak up the knowledge and passion of experienced private guides and sip coffee late into the evening on the banks of the River Seine. But queue and wait nowhere as Catherine arranges 5 star treatment and private tours of the city’s hidden gems.

The gift of France

The LaPont French Immersion Tour are made up of small groups of no more than 8 people and you’ll find your fellow guests share your passion for France and your enthusiasm for learning and discovery. The tours will leave you with the gift of a language but will also give you a great deal more. You’ll gain an insight into the French people, a better understanding of their cuisine and their culture and a lifetime love of this fascinating country.

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